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Tinsley Bridge Group

Chemical Filter Station

Tinsley Bridge have completed manufacture of a chemical filter station module that will become an integrated system in a roll texturing machine.

Roll texturing machines are used to prepare the surface of steel mill rolls. Eletro Discharge Texturing uses a spark erosion technique on the surface of a steel mill roll to provide precise control of surface roughness and consistency. Steel sheet when used for domestic goods like washing machines requires specific surface roughness to ensure paint adhesion. If the mill roll creates a perfectly smooth surface then the final paint finish will not stick.

Manufacture of the filter station in Tinsley Bridge’s extensive workshop facilities involves fabrication, assembly and commissioning of a complex module including automated control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical systems. By offering a turn key solution under one roof, the filter station can be customer delivered to the highest quality standards, in minimum leadtimes and competitive costs.