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Solutions for Rail

Tinsley Bridge Group specialise in the manufacture of safety critical rail infrastructure, trackside engineering and rail rolling stock components.

Rail Infrastructure And Rolling Stock

With our proven experience in similar high-risk, zero-tolerance environments, we have the perfect skill sets to transfer to safety critical rail projects.

As an approved Network Rail supplier, Tinsley Bridge manufacture track switch components and will supply a large range of infrastructure items in OLE, Signalling and Track.

We also provide engineering and manufacturing support ranging from the design and manufacture of large steel structures to the re-development of the smallest steel part.

Our proven capability in design and rail engineering combines extensive capabilities, technical development and a 20,000m² manufacturing facility with world class quality control, supplier development and logistical capabilities.

Tubular stretcher bar

Tinsley Bridge Group is one of just two suppliers manufacturing a new design of tubular stretcher bar which is being rolled out across the UK by Network Rail. Vital to the safe operation of the network, the bars keep points in position as a train passes and have been developed to give greater safety, last longer with significantly reduced maintenance and be easier to fit.

A rigorous process ensured that the safety-critical equipment could be introduced onto the passenger-carrying railway.

Rolling Stock

We have established relationships with leading global rail carriage and locomotive OEM manufacturers including Bombardier, producing rail suspension components such as high temperature, fire retardant silicone and VAMAC brake hoses, composite protective covers, suspension packers and signal antennae for many rail projects – seamlessly delivering innovative and highly cost effective engineering solutions from one single, fully accredited source.

High performance parts include high strength torsion bars and anti roll bars for high speed rail applications and advanced tubular solutions that reduce weight whist maintaining material integrity, strength and life span.

Our innovative FabBloc60A fire retardant barrier material provides tested and proven 60 minute fire protection against fire occurring in railway carriage flooring.

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