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Technically Demanding Projects

We have worked successfully on a number of major projects across the renewable and recycling sectors, completing technically demanding contracts within a critical time frames.

Renewables and Recycling

We are used to working in areas where care is needed to protect the environment, and we have become trusted by multinational steel manufacturers and energy generators to operate safely on their behalf.

For example, Tinsley Bridge Service has recently completed a technically demanding contract within a critical time frame at the SMACC Melting Shop, Outokumpu Stainless, Europa Way, Sheffield. The project included detailed 3D design and development for the replacement of heavily oxidised structural steelwork inside the spray chamber, which has resulted in the deterioration in its structural capacity.

Over 30 structural beams (15 tons of machining and fabrications), including roll assemblies, required changing. These components operate in a highly demanding environment which relies on precise design and manufacture to operate faultlessly, while guiding the formed steel product through the machine.

On-site commissioning work within the renewable sector has led to research and development into other projects in this area.

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