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Tinsley Bridge Group

Engineering and Management Apprenticeships in Sheffield

The Tinsley Bridge Group takes pride in the success of its apprenticeship scheme. At a time when national youth unemployment has topped the one million mark, the Group continues to take on, educate and support young people from across the region and provide them with an introduction to manufacturing techniques so they can develop skills in the areas that suit them best. The apprentices are also sponsored on day release courses to achieve relevant NVQs.

What our apprentices say

Matthew Jewitt, 20, who has completed an Advanced Apprenticeship with Tinsley Bridge, said: “I was put in touch with Tinsley via a link at Sheffield College, where I was studying for my NVQ Level 2. The Tyzack arm of the Group took me on as a Modern Apprentice and continued to support me in my studies including completing a BTEC National.”

Modern Apprentice Sam Bishop said: “When I first started I was really welcomed into the team at Tyzack, and I felt that I was seen as being able to contribute rather than simply assisting on small tasks. Working alongside the other apprentices is great, as we can help support each other through the process. We’re not just stuck out on our own though– the people here know their stuff and help you and watch over you to make sure we are doing it right and are safe, without you feeling they are constantly over your shoulder.”

Traditional Apprentice Brad Fontana, already has an idea of the area he wants to specialise in. He commented: “I had to pass several exams to get to the position I am now as a CNC machine operator. I’d really like to continue developing on the academic side by learning more about CNC programming – something which Tyzack has shown it is keen to support.”

“Engineering and manufacturing is at the heart of Sheffield’s history, representing our heritage and our legacy. Therefore in order to ensure we have the right skills to continue to grow and develop our industry, it is vital, especially in the current environment, that companies invest in the talent and potential that we have in the region. The company recognises the value of a good working environment. The apprentices work alongside each other and an experienced team to ensure they develop a shared working knowledge under expert guidance.”

Mark Webber, Managing Director.

To join Tinsley Bridge as an apprentice, applications are made through the AMRC Apprenticeship Academy. Please identify that you are interested in apprenticeships at Tinsley Bridge in your application. Your application will then be considered for a place at our company.