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Tinsley Bridge Group


Many of the components we manufacture are required to operate reliably in extreme environments for extended periods of time, necessitating a durable protective coating. Tinsley Bridge has one of the most advanced coating and anti-corrosion capabilities in the UK, offering; E-coat KTL painting, powder coating, phosphate pre-treatment, and shot peening.

E-coat KTL

Our high performance coating systems have been developed to meet stringent automotive anti corrosion standards for vehicle underbodies, giving a salt spray life up to 1,000 hours when used in combination with powder painting and in-house shot peening.

The electrophoretic E-coat KTL plant has the capability to pre-treat components with phosphate and apply paint finishes to very tight coating tolerances. An almost unique feature is the use of high edge paint to ensure uniform coverage around sharp corners.

Powder Coating

Two powder coat painting lines further enhance corrosion protection with a multi-colour capability.