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SOMI, short for ‘Same Outside More Inside’, has developed a unique trailer design that uses patented technologies and advanced engineering to create 31% additional load capacity, without adding to the overall dimensions of a standard trailer.

The project brings two specialist UK companies together to utilise their respective design talents and advanced engineering skills to commercialise intellectual property and bring a disruptive technology to market.

Tinsley Bridge manufacture and install the unique SOMI load management mechanism. This patented automatic lowering/lifting platform installed inside the trailer body can position pallets into previously unused space within the trailer, allowing an additional eight pallets to be carried in each load.

SOMI chose Tinsley Bridge to develop their innovative design from a prototype to a mass production ready specification, based on the specialist engineering capabilities, expertise in the truck sector and the extensive manufacturing infrastructure available at Tinsley Bridge.

The space-enhancing articulated trailer significantly reduces the cost of road transport, removes trucks from congested city roads and lowers carbon emissions by reducing four journeys to three. The trailer can load onto standard docking bays and requires no modification to warehouse or depot infrastructure – a major advantage over current trailer designs. As a 4m high trailer it delivers these same benefits in Europe where double deck trailers are not allowed.

Read the SOMI case study here.

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