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Tinsley Bridge Group

Anti Roll Bars and Stabiliser Bars

We are the largest UK manufacturer of truck stabiliser bars and anti-roll bars to the OE commercial vehicle sector and one of the top manufacturers of vehicle suspension components in the world. Our specialisms include large diameter bars, high strength material and innovative tubular bars which can reduce weight by up to 40%.

We have significant in-house engineering design and test capabilities, enhanced by access to cutting edge research and design programmes. We also work closely with external partners to enhance our design, test and development capability of suspensions components, specifically stabiliser bars, torsion bars, trailing arms/air links and our understanding of parabolic and conventional leaf suspensions.

Clients include automotive vehicle manufacturers such as the global truck builders Volvo, Iveco and Renault.

Torsion Bars

We have an extensive capability to manufacture a wide range of torsion bars including high strength bars for specialist applications.

Our innovative Extralite™ torsion bar upgrade for the Warrior & CVR(T) Defence vehicles met an urgent operational requirement for the Ministry of Defence. The Extralite™ torsion bar helped achieve a significant improvement in suspension performance, and the Tinsley Bridge contribution was widely recognised by UK Government ministers, the MOD and in industry innovation awards. The steel is unique steel to Tinsley Bridge and Extralite™ components increase durability and can operate at higher vehicle loads.

Development and testing of the Extralite™ torsion bars was completed in less than five months; a time frame which included extensive field trials conducted by the British Army. The vehicle now features improved cross-country mobility, ride and handling to work at its best in challenging off road terrain, and the extra ride height achieved by Extralite™ also improves crew protection from mine blast.

Case Studies

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Torsion Bars

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