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Tinsley Bridge Group

Manufacturing Facilities

Tinsley Bridge occupies a six hectare (14 acre site) and 26,000m² manufacturing facilities with undercover and segregated storage.


CNC & CNC Vertical 3 Axis machines include:

Machine Description including Make & Model Speed (RPM) Dimensions Capacity Weight Capacity Craneage Capacity
Hwacheonz Hi-Tech 450 ALYSMC Mill Turn CNC 3500 Chuck 250mm, 700mm swing over bed, 550 swing over saddle 1 tonnes 5 tonnes
Puma 2000MS CNC Lathe with MV65 automatic bar feed
2 x Hartford Tornado HCMC 13 6000 Bed 1450mm x 800mm 1.6 tonnes 5 tonnes
2 x SW-BA40 Vertical CNC 5000 3800mm x 630mm 2 tonnes 5 tonnes
Kia KV 90L 4500 3000mm x 900mm 3 tonnes 5 tonnes
Dah Lih MCV 1450 vertical CNC machining centre 4500 1600mm x 880mm 2 tonnes 5 tonnes
Dah Lih MCV 1450 vertical CNC machining centre 4500 1600mm x 880mm 2 tonnes 5 tonnes
Dah Li 1250 4500 1400mm x 820mm 1.5 tonnes 5 tonnes
Haas VF4 4 axis 8100 1270mm x 500mm 1588kg 5 tonnes
Haas VF2 4 axis 12000 760mm x 400mm 1300kg 5 tonnes
Haas VF1 4 axis 7500 500mm x 400mm 1300kg 5 tonnes


Precision Grinders include (up to 5.4m length capacity, Slideway grinding accuracies to 0.005mm):

  • Gockel grinder x 2
  • Reform grinder x 3
  • Lumsden grinder x 1
  • Snow grinder x 5
  • G-grinder x 1


Multiple milling & turning machine tools
10 tonnes installed crane capacity (5 x overhead cranes)

Fabrication & Welding, Hot & Cold Forming, Bending, Forging, Heat Treatment

Welding capability includes qualified MIG, TIG & MMA welders approved to welding quality standard BS EN ISO 3834 part 2 (comprehensive quality requirements), and BS EN ISO 1090 part 2 execution classes 1-4 (CE marking). Execution class 4 includes both ferritic and stainless steel and is the highest qualification standard possible.

  • Fully equipped 10,000m² fabrication workshops
  • 13.5m ceiling height
  • 5000m² stainless steel segregation available
  • 5m x 6m door access
  • 30 tonne installed crane capacity (7.5m lift, 10 x overhead cranes)
  • 4m CNC press brake
  • 3m press brakes x 2 (300t)
  • Assembly, commissioning & testing
  • Working at height accreditation
  • Mobile access platforms to 25m height x 4
  • On-site fabrication, installation and commissioning
  • Fabrication Bays x 12 – this can be increased as required.
  • MMA Type machines x 6 and TIG hand welding machines x 5
  • MIG machines with pulse capabilities x 15

  • Forging cells x 4 (1000t & 250t friction screw press & OFMA induction upsetter)
  • Bend & heat treatment cells x 2 (6500t/year capacity)
  • Heat treatment cells x 3 (6 furnaces up to 7m length capability)
  • Robotic tube bend and heat treatment cell
  • Shot peen cells x 2
  • Bushing cells x 4
  • Clean room 75m²
  • Auto saw (60° mitre angle range, capacity 450mm high x 250mm wide)
  • Guillotines (up to 3m width, 12.5mm plate)
  • Straightening
  • Rolling (up to 2.5m wide x 6mm plate & 1.5m wide x 12.5mm plate)
  • Punching (up to 25mm plate, Ø30mm holes)
  • Electronic, hydraulic & pneumatic integrated control systems

Continuous run furnaces also available.

Furnace Purpose Height Width Length
Temperer “NLR” Tempering / Stress relieving 500mm 1700mm 5500mm
Small Temperer “Small temperer” Tempering 700mm 940mm 2400mm
Small Hardening Furnace “Manchester” Hardening 380mm 650mm 1400mm
Hardening Furnace “Titanic” Hardening 400mm 900mm 7000mm
Hardening Furnace “Betsy” Hardening 900mm 400mm 4800mm
Temperer “Line1 Temperer” Tempering 930mm 430mm 5500mm