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Tinsley Bridge Group

CNC Machining

Sub-contract machining for a broad range of customers

Our extensive machining capability enables us to offer precision-engineered products from large and small scale batches to low volume and one-off components across a wide range of industries and applications. Accredited to the highest standards we are accustomed to working to rigorous specifications for customers demanding exceptionally precise engineering for high value and safety critical applications.

Machining Centre

Our 5,000 square metre machining facility is a new build to world class standards and comprises state of the art CNC milling machines, lathes, vertical borers, elga mills and assembly operations that complement our heavy and medium fabrication and welding capabilities.

Our quality control system ensures reliability, accuracy and repeatability of all the machined components we produce.

CNC & CNC Vertical 3 Axis machines include:

Machine Description including Make & Model Speed (RPM) Dimensions Capacity Weight Capacity Craneage Capacity
Hwacheonz Hi-Tech 450 ALYSMC Mill Turn CNC 3500 Chuck 250mm, 700mm swing over bed, 550 swing over saddle 1 tonnes 5 tonnes
Puma 2000MS CNC Lathe with MV65 automatic bar feed
2 x Hartford Tornado HCMC 13 6000 Bed 1450mm x 800mm 1.6 tonnes 5 tonnes
2 x SW-BA40 Vertical CNC 5000 3800mm x 630mm 2 tonnes 5 tonnes
Kia KV 90L 4500 3000mm x 900mm 3 tonnes 5 tonnes
Dah Lih MCV 1450 vertical CNC machining centre 4500 1600mm x 880mm 2 tonnes 5 tonnes
Dah Lih MCV 1450 vertical CNC machining centre 4500 1600mm x 880mm 2 tonnes 5 tonnes
Dah Li 1250 4500 1400mm x 820mm 1.5 tonnes 5 tonnes
Haas VF4 4 axis 8100 1270mm x 500mm 1588kg 5 tonnes
Haas VF2 4 axis 12000 760mm x 400mm 1300kg 5 tonnes
Haas VF1 4 axis 7500 500mm x 400mm 1300kg 5 tonnes

Case Studies

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