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Case Studies

Structural Rectification Work to the Billet Caster – Continuous Casting Machine

Team: Tinsley Bridge

Client(s): OutoKumpu, Europa Way, Sheffield S9 1TZ

Project(s): Structural Rectification Work on the Spray Chamber of the Billet Caster SMACC Business unit.

OutoKumpu is a global leader in stainless steel with customers in a wide range of industries worldwide. Fully recyclable, maintenance-free, as well as very strong and durable material, stainless steel is one of the key building blocks for a sustainable future. Outokumpu employs some 8,000 people in more than 30 countries.

Tinsley Bridge Service has recently completed a technically demanding contract within a critical time frame at the SMACC Melting Shop, Outokumpu Stainless, Europa Way, Sheffield.

The project included detailed 3D design and development for the replacement of heavily oxidised structural steelwork inside the spray chamber, which has resulted in the deterioration in its structural capacity.

Following an initial survey of the machine by the original plant manufacturers, it was identified that over 30 structural beams (15 tons of machining and fabrications) including roll assemblies required changing. These components operate in a highly demanding environment which relies on precise design and manufacture to operate faultlessly, while guiding the formed steel product through the machine.

Billet CasterThe Billet Caster at SMACC produces square billets of Stainless Steel ranging from 127 to 180mm. Initially the molten steel is poured into a reservoir called a tundish. The steel is then formed into a square strands through a copper lined mould. During further solidification the steel “strands” are drawn through the machine over rolls which are located within the cooling chamber, providing support as they are withdrawn from the machine.

Hundreds of litres of conditioned cooling water are used throughout the process to increase the shell thickness reducing heat until a final solid structure is obtained.

Tinsley Bridge Engineering were pleased to complete the highly demanding contract which included the full turnkey of the project from design, manufacture, delivery and site installation.

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Team: Tinsley Bridge Engineering Limited

Client(s): SOMI

Project(s): Development engineering from prototype to manufacturing

Tinsley Bridge are now working closely with British transport innovator – SOMI Trailers – on the launch of a space-enhancing articulated trailer which could significantly reduce the cost of road transport, remove trucks from congested roads and lower carbon emissions by reducing four journeys to three.

SOMI, short for ‘Same Outside More Inside’, has developed a unique trailer design that uses patented technologies and advanced engineering to create 31% additional load capacity, without adding to the overall dimensions of a standard trailer.

Tinsley Bridge will manufacture and install the unique SOMI load management mechanism. This patented automatic lowering/lifting platform installed inside the trailer body can position pallets into previously unused space within the trailer, allowing an additional eight pallets to be carried in each load.

SOMI chose Tinsley Bridge to develop their innovative design from a prototype to a mass production ready specification, based on the specialist engineering capabilities, expertise in the truck sector and the extensive manufacturing infrastructure available at Tinsley Bridge.

Tinsley Bridge will also work with SOMI to design and undertake an accelerated life testing programme on the mechanisms that will maximise product durability against the stress and pressures sustained over the trailer’s lifetime.

The project brings two specialist UK companies together to utilise their respective design talents and advanced engineering skills to commercialise intellectual property and bring a disruptive technology to market.

The SOMI trailer has been designed to be compatible with existing logistical and UK infrastructures and could revolutionise the road transport industry as a whole, particularly the transport of food, by removing one in four of all trucks from UK roads. With a 4m high trailer it delivers these same benefits in Europe where double deck trailers are not allowed.

The average truck and trailer produces 400 tonnes of CO2 a year, but the SOMI trailer will allow operators around the country to reduce their number of journeys and make substantial savings on fuel costs. The design has already won a UK Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Challenge Award.

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Rail Industry Experts

Team: Tinsley Bridge Engineering

Client(s): Unipart Rail / Bombardier / Wabtec Rail

Project(s): Supply of Rolling Stock Components

Tinsley Bridge Engineering is a key supplier to a number of large Rail Sector, Rolling Stock Distributors, including Bombardier, Unipart Rail and Wabtec.

The company currently produces a wide range of rail rolling stock components used within the maintenance and refurbishment services of passenger trains including brake system components, filters, train mounted signalling equipment and various precision machined components.

Many of the rail rolling stock components supplied by Tinsley Bridge Engineering are required to be regularly audited and approved to meet Safety Critical Classification. The company ensures consistent quality and that the workforce engage with all aspects of the supply chain with regular training and skills audit.

Since the products supplied are required to operate in extreme environments and for long consistent periods of time they require a durable protective coating. Tinsley Bridge Engineering has developed a traditional Powder Coating (two lines) and an Electrophoretic KTL (E-Coat) paint plant that produces both an extended salt spray life for rail rolling stock components and is environmentally friendly.

Download Rail Information Sheet

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Team: Tinsley Bridge Engineering

Client(s): Enpure / Costain

Project(s): Design and On site Commisssion. Lid Lifter – MBT A D Plant

Enpure, a process engineering organisation operating within the environmental and energy sectors, approached Tinsley Bridge Engineering to produce an innovative on-site commission solution for the loading of organic material used in the anaerobic digestion process at their Manchester Bredbury Parkway site.

Tinsley Bridge carried out the design and on-site commission of the eight metre fabrication and electromagnets. This was installed on-site alongside a training and safe operating procedures programme delivered by Tinsley Bridge to Enpure employees.

The equipment now works as part of a nearly autonomous plant producing energy for Manchester from organic house hold waste managed that is operated by Viridor.

This project showcased the on-site commission work Tinsley Bridge Engineering can do within the renewable sector and has led to research and development into other projects in this area.

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Deepwater Horizon - Tyzack Blades

Team: Tyzack Knives

Client(s): Genesis

Project(s): Tyzack blades for the Genesis XP shear cutter

In April 2010 the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, resulting in the largest accidental oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. After the explosion, the riser pipe connecting the rig to the seabed well head remained attached.

The pipe needed removing as quickly as possible so the well head could be capped, but this required expert machinery as the steel pipe was 350mm in diameter and beneath one mile of sea water.

US-based engineers working on the job were using the Genesis XP, the most powerful shear cutter in the world, to cut the pipe, and stated that only Tyzack blades were of a quality that would be up to the extreme cutting required.

The Genesis XP, fitted with the Tyzack blades, and a full hydraulic power pack were lowered into the sea. Via an internet video link-up, engineers all over the world were able to watch as the Tyzack blades cut through the pipe and enabled the capping-off process to be completed successfully.

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Warrior Tinsley

Team: Tinsley Bridge

Client(s): BAE Systems / Ministry of Defence

Project(s): Torsion bars for the British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Tinsley Bridge was approached by BAE Systems to see if there was a way to raise ride height of the British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle at its increased protection weight, with minimal component changes and with the need to maintain mobility. There was a tight timescale as ongoing deployment necessitated a fast upgrade.

In a development project between Tinsley Bridge and BAE Systems, a new high-strength steel, Extralite™, was proposed to replace the standard steel suspension torsion bar. The steel is unique to Tinsley Bridge and was initially developed for use in high strength leaf springs where the steel was used mainly in ‘tension’.

Development and testing of the torsion bars was completed in less than 5 months; a time frame which included extensive field trials conducted by the Army. The vehicle now features improved cross-country mobility, ride and handling to work at its best in the challenging Afghan terrain, and the extra height also improves crew protection from mine blast.

The Warrior is the only tracked infantry vehicle in theatre and so can get to places that wheeled vehicles cannot, enabling the infantry to engage the enemy more effectively in difficult terrain.

The improvements to the vehicle have already protected troops in IED strikes in Helmand this year.

Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, Peter Luff: “Warrior vehicles are doing a tremendous job in Afghanistan and these numerous improvements are already proving their worth in theatre. This vehicle is extremely versatile, offering good mobility and high levels of protection for its crew. It also allows troops to get out into communities safely, maintain areas and provide reassurance to the local population.”

“The family-owned Tinsley Bridge Group may be a long way from the front line in Afghanistan, but their innovative work means the Warrior vehicle will be tough enough to cope with the rockiest terrain and protects its crew from Improvised Explosive Devices”.

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