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Composite Metal Hybrid Stabiliser Bar to Advance Heavy Duty Suspension Technology

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Tinsley Bridge has joined forces with Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to develop a revolutionary high performance composite metal hybrid stabiliser bar for trucks and trains.

The project has backing from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to develop the unique system to cut transport emissions and costs while boosting reliability and durability.

Stabiliser bars are safety critical suspension components that are currently made from metal and the project aims to significantly reduce their weight by developing a composite alternative with metal end pieces.

Reducing weight will cut fuel costs and emissions. Using composites could also mean the bars will never need replacing – unlike their metal counterparts – and will increase the dynamic loads the bars can cope with.

Mark Webber, Tinsley Bridge Managing Director said, “The strong technical and environmental benefits, increased durability, improved fuel efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions means we have the potential to develop a technology that has global implications within our existing automotive business, but also could provide multiple spin-off’s including opportunities in the aerospace sector.”

Performance Engineered Solutions (PES)
Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
Innovate UK