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Tyzack Deliver High Performance Inconel Nimonic Cutting Blades

steel plant rolling mill

Tyzack Machine Knives have supplied a set of high precision Inconel Nimonic blades as part of an export order for a steel mill.

Manufacture of the blades involves complex, scientifically proven heat treatment processing and highly specialised CNC machining techniques. This expertise is necessary to achieve blades capable of shearing red hot steel billets and slabs in an extreme environment at very high temperatures.

Andy Wake, Sales Manager said “Tyzack are a global supplier to leading OEM steel mills. By combining traditional skills, honed over generations as part of Sheffield’s steel heritage, together with the latest production techniques we can manufacture steel mill blades up to 5.2m length. Tyzack blades have long been the benchmark for quality and durability in steel mills. We are delighted this has been recognised by major steel producers across the world and that our export business continues to grow.”