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Tinsley Bridge Group

Large Cement Crusher Hammer Refurbished

Aggregate Crusher

A Hammer Jack used for crushing aggregate during cement manufacture has been refurbished back to its original condition for a UK cement processing plant.

The assembly is over 6m long and weighs around 10 tonnes. Specialist weld reclamation techniques were used to rebuild metal surfaces on worn components back to their full working specification. The complex assembly was NDT and dimensionally inspected with many components either replaced, weld reclaimed or machined back to as new condition.

Johnathan Cheeseman, Sales Manager, said “To successfully refurbish such a large piece of heavy duty industrial plant requires significant skill and engineering expertise only possible by the many years of experience in the Tinsley Bridge team. We have achieved a turn round of the project in a matter of weeks and are proud that the plant has been recovered back to fully operation readiness so quickly.”