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Tinsley Bridge Group

Transport and logistics innovation takes centre stage at exhibition


The Tinsley Bridge Group joined new partners SOMI at the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution (TCS&D) exhibition where an innovative new trailer was officially unveiled.

The SOMI trailer has the potential to be truly revolutionary in the logistics industry and received substantial market interest from representatives of major supermarkets and fleet operators at the TCS&D exhibition.

The unique trailer utilises patented technologies and advanced engineering to create 31% additional load capacity, without adding to the overall dimensions of a standard trailer- making it compatible with existing UK and European logistics and road infrastructure.

Featuring a middle deck that is lowered, the trailer offers more capacity than extra-long trailers with the added advantage of being able to fit standard cargo and loading bays. With a 4m height the trailer is also suitable for use on the continent where double deck trailers are not allowed.

Visitors to the SOMI stand were able to gain access to the trailer and see a demonstration of the advanced load management mechanism that can position an additional 8 pallets into previously unused space within the trailer.

The design could also lower carbon emissions by 25% by eliminating one in every four road journeys. SOMI Managing Director, Pauline Dawes, said: “In addition to the fuel savings from reduced journeys, many in the industry have been surprised to discover that the new trailer also delivers improved aerodynamics that secure a fuel saving of 1% over a standard trailer.”

Tinsley Bridge Group will manufacture and install the load management mechanism used in the trailers as well as design and undertake an accelerated life-testing programme on the mechanisms to maximise the product’s durability.