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Partnership helps build better army vehicles

British Army Bulldog

It is quite literally an arms race.

As insurgents make bigger bombs, the British Army needs stronger vehicles.

That’s where Tinsley Bridge aims to help keep soldiers safe, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University.

The Sheffield-based company is working on steel materials that can improve the suspension and mobility while maintaining durability and raising height.

A technical team led by Dr Quanshun Lao from the university’s Materials and Engineering Research Institute is developing a novel heat treatment strengthening process.

And a knowledge transfer partnership involving an employee has been launched to build production of high-performance torsion bars. Daniel Tunnicliff will lead the research and development element of the programme as well as enrolling on a higher degree with the aim of working towards a PhD.

Tinsley Bridge Managing Director Mark Webber says the work with the Army could not take place without the help of Sheffield Hallam.

He said: “The scale of investment you need on facilities to do research is well beyond the ability of companies like ours. Through these grants we’ve worked with universities. And the regular contacts with engineering departments at Sheffield Hallam, as well as at Sheffield and Cambridge, has increased. We are finding a real appetite within universities to work with people.”

This article was first published on the Sheffield Star website. To read the article in full click here.

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