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Rail Stretcher Bars – World Class Quality

Rail Stretcher Bars

Tinsley Bridge Rail expects to begin shipping deliveries to Network Rail of a new design of stretcher bar in June for use on the UK rail network. Developed for greater safety, improved performance and reduced whole-life cost, the new design begins a national roll-out this summer. The new Tubular Stretcher Bars, which keep the switch rails in the correct position under the passage of a train, are simpler to install, require less maintenance and are designed to withstand the rigours of the 21st century railway.

Tinsley Bridge’s proven experience in the high-risk, zero-tolerance environment of truck suspensions proved to be the perfect skill-set to transfer to the safety critical rail project which demands the highest levels of quality and precision.

This project has followed a ground-breaking, rigorous process to ensure that completely redesigned safety-critical equipment can be successfully introduced onto the passenger carrying railway. This design has been developed and tested under the most challenging conditions, safely supporting 91 million tonnes of traffic in a testing environment before being introduced onto the UK rail infrastructure.