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Tinsley Bridge Group

Introducing Lucy Johnson


Lucy Johnson joined the R&D team at Tinsley Bridge Group as a Design and Development Engineer in 2013. She studied Structural Engineering with Architectural Studies before continuing her studies with a PhD in Metallurgy from the University of Sheffield.

She was drawn to Tinsley Bridge Group because of the company’s attitude to employing graduates and apprentices, saying: “Mark Webber is working hard to inject youth and energy into the team to ensure that the company remains competitive in the future.”

She was also impressed by the group’s strong links with local industries and universities; giving it access to cutting edge research and facilities.

Lucy has a hands-on approach and enjoys having a practical role that sees her spending time in both the factory and office environments. Current projects she is involved with are varied and include developing an environmental incident response plan, heat treatment processes in tool steels and investigating shot peening methods for anti-roll bars.

“Working at an SME allows you get stuck into a wide range of projects meaning that work is never dull”, she said.

With a new factory on the horizon Lucy is excited about the future of the company and sees it as a great opportunity to improve products and processes.

“The company is making big investments in a new world-class factory. It’s a time of big change, and within the smaller structure of an SME company it is exciting to play a significant part in shaping the future.”

When she isn’t writing up her PhD thesis, Lucy spends her spare time carrying out DIY improvements to her home and baking.