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Innovative suspension manufacturing drives growth

Success stories

A video telling the success story of Tinsley Bridge’s contribution towards saving lives in Afghanistan has been produced by Innovate UK.

Tinsley Bridge had been approached by BAE Systems to help with an urgent problem – the Army desperately needed to improve the suspension of its Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle at its increased protection weight, raise its ride height and maintain its mobility – and time was of the essence. A series of grants from Innovate UK helped the company develop the solution.

Iain Gray, CEO of Innovate UK, said:

“The speed with which Tinsley Bridge was able to develop new technology from an unproven laboratory concept into a fully implemented manufacturing solution is a great example of our aim to stimulate innovation, drive business growth and in this case provide the British Army with a technical answer to a major problem”.

The development of new high strength torsion bars increased the protection of troops in IED strikes and transformed the performance of the Warrior vehicle.

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