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Industry 4.0 Project Drives Green Economy

Developing the Green Economy

Tinsley Bridge have teamed up with The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy (SELA) in an innovation project. Digital technology was introduced to reduce energy use during the manufacture of automotive suspension components, and to help deliver a green economy for the Sheffield City Region.

The project utilised Industry 4.0 to process live manufacturing data including electricity and gas usage. SELA aims to develop engineering undergraduates to become the leaders of tomorrow. The team designed and developed low cost sensors which were installed into the production plant. This created a real time energy monitoring system and a constant feed of diagnostic information to the engineers at Tinsley Bridge.

Alex Kelly, Tinsley Bridge IT Manager said “The use of Big Data has increasing prevalence in all aspects of advanced manufacturing. The digitalisation of manufacturing provides detailed insight and analysis of the production process in a way previously not possible. This data can be used to drive business change and look at things in a new way. Tinsley Bridge have been able to identify where the energy is used and understand how it is possible to reduce both cost and carbon emissions within the factory process”.