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Tinsley Bridge Group

Bridging the Gap

Tubular stretcher bar

With a growing portfolio of projects and solutions successfully delivered to the rail industry, an article in Railway Strategies magazine profiles how leading engineering specialist Tinsley Bridge Group is making significant inroads to the UK rail industry.

To build on this success, TBG is committed to bringing further value to its customers and is able to deploy its ability to innovate in order to achieve this. “We are always looking for new developments and innovations to help meet future customer needs,” Mark Webber, Managing Director.

“We are currently working with several universities on multiple projects to help bring new technologies and designs in the rail market. An example of these developments are new tube and composite stabiliser bars, which both provide significant weight reductions.”

By continuing to focus on developing new technology and solutions across the group, TBG is putting itself in a strong position to overcome the current economic pressures coming from the European market. Mark comments that despite coming out of the recession, a strong pound is affecting its exports into Europe, which makes up 50 per cent of total sales. “The rail industry has offered very interesting prospects of alternative UK-based opportunities to help balance some of these issues, so our challenge now its continue finding new opportunities here over the next five years,” concludes Mark.

“Internally, we hope to support this with further investments into working practices to improve operational efficiencies.”

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