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Tinsley Bridge Group

Tinsley Bridge Group wins 2011 Sheffield Star Business Award for Design & Innovation

Sheffield Business Awards

Tinsley Bridge Group was delighted to receive the award for Design & Innovation at the Sheffield Star Business Awards.

Mark Webber, Managing Director of Tinsley Bridge Group said: “We’ve proved over the years that we have the ability to use innovation to create margin and enter new markets. We are prepared to take risks, invest in technology and back the ideas of our employees.”

The production of blades by the Tyzack Machine Knives arm of the group was a key part of the capping of the Deepwater Horizon oil pipe following the BP oil disaster in 2010, and torsion bars made by Tinsley Bridge using Extralite™ steel, a new high-strength material, were fitted to the British Army Warrior Vehicles currently deployed in Afghanistan.

The judging panel felt that the Group’s products were “integral” in fixing the oil spill, and in its life-saving solution for the military “demonstrates the company’s strength in innovation”.

Whilst the blades capped the pipeline and prevented further billions of pounds worth of damage and environmental effects from taking place, the torsion bars have been helping to save the lives of soldiers from IED attacks.

Previous awards include:
BAE Systems Bronze Chairman’s Award 2010 for the CVR(T) Suspension Upgrade.