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Tinsley Bridge Apprentice in Royal launch

Tinsley Bridge Apprentice In Royal Launch

One of the company’s most recent apprentices, Matthew Lacey, met the Duke of York during the opening ceremony of The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Training Centre (AMRC Training Centre).

The Duke of York is an active supporter of expanding access to apprenticeships and officially opened the new facility. The AMRC Training Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park is only 1 mile from Tinsley Bridge, and provides advanced apprentice training for up to 750 young people, aged 16 and upwards. The Centre is a pioneering initiative that will help develop highly skilled apprentices essential to the company’s future growth.

As a Tinsley Bridge apprentice studying at the AMRC, Matthew has access to state-of-the-art educational facilities with training workshops, equipped with production-class manufacturing equipment. “There is nothing to compare with the training centre,” he said. “The training it provides and the equipment is possibly the best you can get in the country. If you have got an apprenticeship, your are employed straight off, rather than going direct to university and then struggling to find a job. The Training Centre gives you a working understanding of how industry and engineering works as a whole, so that when you start working at a company and potential study at university you already understand the practice.”

Apprentices will be able to go on to study for higher-level qualifications up to doctorate and MBA level, thanks to of the Centre’s links with both Sheffield universities.

AMRC Director of Training, Alison Bettac, added: “We believe we have the blueprint for developing the high-quality vocational education and skills British manufacturing desperately needs and a route into further and higher education for young people who might otherwise never consider or be able to afford going to university.”