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Innovate UK Success Story

Success stories

The Tinsley Bridge Group is pleased to announce we have received a number of grant awards to help with Research & Development (R&D) projects. The objective of the R&D projects is to use the design and engineering expertise across the company to develop innovative new products that give us a competitive advantage in the market.

The UK government set up Innovate UK to work with companies like Tinsley Bridge and enable them to develop and introduce new advanced technologies. The Government’s aim is to help companies succeed in global competition and become sustainable for the future. This is because they recognise manufacturing as an important part of the UK economy, and a significant wealth creator, which will also help the country overcome the longer-term effects of the global financial crisis.

Champions of Steel

Tinsley Bridge has been identified as a major success story of the initiative and we are now featured on the Innovate UK website.

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The profile raised by the Innovate UK success is very positive for Tinsley Bridge and has only been possible thanks to the skills, engineering expertise and efforts of people within Tinsley Bridge Group.