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Tinsley Bridge Group

Steel Processing Equipment

Steel Processing Equipment

As the preferred supplier to steelmaking technology specialist Sarclad, Tinsley Bridge Engineering has delivered an increased number of complex equipment projects during 2012.

A rapid influx of contracts for Sarclad’s Rolltex EDT machines using submerged spark erosion techniques required Tinsley Bridge to deliver a short lead-time response against exacting quality standards.

Tinsley Bridge’s capability provides Sarclad with a full system equipment solution. Supplying a range intricate hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic machine control systems demonstrates Tinsley Bridge Engineering expertise in project management, design, manufacture & commissioning trials. Experience across a wide range of engineering skills has enabled Tinsley Bridge to deliver the machines on time and on budget.

Sarclad’s continuing market success is leading to an expanding role for Tinsley Bridge Engineering – supplying further filter stations, roll texture machinery and providing extended support functions in assembly, test and prove out trials in the coming months.

“We have used Tinsley Bridge Engineering as a key supplier for machining, fabrication and assembly projects including the hydraulic, electrical control, installation and commissioning of a range of specialist equipment and machine tools”.

“I would highly recommend their team, who possess excellent technical knowledge across a broad range of manufacturing capabilities and provides a competitive but flexible world class quality and delivery service.”

Steve Brown Production Manager, SARCLAD