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Tinsley Bridge Group

SCG Solutions joins the Tinsley Bridge Group

Virgin Train

By supplying complete systems rather than just component parts, SCG offer rail companies a single supplier source for complex assemblies to provide a complete supply chain at the lowest cost.

Major markets are based around rail industry OEM’s including Bombardier, Alstom, Siemens, Ansaldobreda, CAF, Talgo & Vossloh. SCG also supplies products and services to rail depots for fleet upgrades and major re-furbishment, with the capability to provide ‘on-site’ skilled labour for installation and maintenance services.

SCG manufactures a broad spectrum of products including composite and metal fabrication body panels, CNC pipework systems, Silicon & VAMAC hose assemblies, windscreen wiper systems and most recently an innovative, lightweight fire & insulation system FabBloc45A. This combines the latest technology in thin film fire protection coatings with a specialist aerospace thermal block fabric.

Steve Marsh, SCG Solutions Managing Director “Exciting new opportunities are created by combining the capabilities of Tinsley Bridge and SCG. This brings a new level of design, development and manufacturing support to SCG, along with expanded technical and logistical capability. The massive scale of Tinsley Bridge facilities will be a major asset. SCG also provide complete anti roll bar and torsion bar suspension systems for rail vehicles based using innovative lightweight, high strength torsion bars developed at Tinsley Bridge”.

Existing Tinsley Bridge rail products including signal antennae, brake system assemblies, trackside gantries & bridges etc. will also be incorporated into the SCG product range. SCG are accredited to ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001 and a ‘safety critical’ approved supplier to Bombardier Transportation. They will also be one of the first companies in Europe to achieve IRIS, the new global business evaluation system specific to the Railway Industry.