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Tinsley Bridge Group

Recently Appointed Group Chairman David Campbell Sets the Scene for an Exciting Period

David Campbell

It is through the eyes of a relative newcomer that I am able to take a glimpse into what the future might hold – as we stand on the cusp of a remarkable new phase of progressive development.

As the renaissance of faith in manufacturing continues to take hold in the UK, nowhere is this more evident than in the city of Sheffield. Here, significant investment has been taking place in advanced manufacturing facilities, and training and development of people who, for the first time in a while, are regarding engineering and related manufacturing as a viable career option.  Made In Sheffield is one of the world’s great brands, made famous internationally as a mark of origin and quality on the city’s manufactured products. Consistent with this confidence, Tinsley Bridge is about to embark on a game-changing investment programme of its own.

This programme embraces new factory facilities, new plant and equipment, new skills development and new employment opportunities.  It is pleasing to note that we have a commitment from the LEP and Regional Growth Fund of up to £750,000 to support our own substantial commitment of funds to these exciting new developments.  The Group’s contribution to the reputation of the City of Sheffield in advanced manufacturing will be significant and lasting, and marks the start of the next phase in the Group’s long and proud history.

We regard the group as a centre for manufacturing excellence and innovation, and I am delighted that we have proven this through the development of a significant new customer in Network Rail.  They have audited our business and seen that we are technically able to deliver to their demanding specifications, and have rewarded us with a significant tranche of business.

Investment is in progress in a volume manufacturing facility for a new product we will be announcing publicly in the coming months, and we have also been working on an exciting prototype vehicle chassis assembly which, if it moves successfully from concept to proven product, could mark the beginning of yet another engineering manufacturing business on our site.

The spirit of investment and entrepreneurship that permeates all of the Group’s businesses, and the determination that exists in the Group to build a business fit for the future is clear to see. It is a legacy that our previous Chairman, Michael Webber, would be proud to be associated with, and one that has come about because of the hard work, dedication, vitality and contribution of everyone who works with the Tinsley Bridge Group.  Our sustainability is of course underpinned by the strength of relationships we have with our suppliers and customers, and we remain dedicated to maintaining or improving these experiences where we are able to do so.