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Tinsley Bridge Group

New Role for Russell Crow

Russell Crow

Russell Crow has joined Tinsley Bridge Group in the role of Engineering Development Manager. Before joining Tinsley Bridge, Russell was Senior Engineer at Network Rail and led a portfolio of successful development projects including the design, development and introduction of the Tubular Stretcher Bar for Network Rail, now manufactured by Tinsley Bridge Limited. Along with this experience, Russell also brings his qualifications of a CEng and MEng in Mechanical Engineering.

“Tinsley Bridge has a well-respected history as being a leader in innovative suspension solutions, dating as far back as the 1850’s and is credited with the introduction of the parabolic leaf spring amongst many other technologies. Today the company’s R&D department is as busy as ever, working to apply new materials and processes to create products for a range of industries. The flexibility of the team and their problem-solving capabilities has been proven time and again to support our customers when it matters most” says Russell.