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Tinsley Bridge Group

High performance fire protection material made UK debut at Railtex 2015

Virgin Train

FabBloc60A, a high performance, lightweight fire and insulation barrier system designed to protect railway carriage flooring, made its UK debut at Railtex 2015.

Unrivalled 60 minutes fire protection

FabBloc60A stops the transfer of heat from its source to the underside of the aluminium decking or floor. In a fire situation the exterior coating reacts and expands forming a char which blocks the passage of fire and heat, offering unrivalled fire protection and insulation of over 60 minutes from a fire beneath an aluminium railway carriage floor.

Supplied by SCG Solutions, a division of Tinsley Bridge Rail, FabBloc60A combines lightweight advanced materials with the very latest technology in thin film fire protection coatings and aerospace innovation thermal barrier fabrics.

The FabBloc lightweight inner layer is a 100% aramid fibre yarn, in a non-woven blanket form that absorbs the heat, keeping the upper decking cool and reducing heat transfer to the floor above.

Fire resistance is tested according to BS6853 & EN1363 and Thermal Insulation is tested to BS476:Pt.20. FabBloc60A also offers excellent Acoustic properties measured according to ASTM C384.