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Tinsley Bridge Group

51 Tonne Gearbox Refurbished

A massive mill gearbox required urgent rectification following the failure of a key bearing. Response time was critical as the vertical gearbox is key to the operation of a large mill.

Repair is not a straight forward engineering challenge when the gearbox measures 3m x 3m x 2m and weighs 51 tonnes! Somewhere deep in side the mechanism the bearing had failed.

The team of industry experts at Tinsley Bridge Services carried out a complete strip down of the gearbox, followed by a detailed inspection to identify faults. Following assessment of the bearings, defective items were replaced and the gearbox rebuilt ready for entry back into service. With teams working round the clock the whole process took less than 2 weeks.

Tom Hughes, General Manager, said “The project is a good example of our exceptionally skilled teams and capability to tackle refurbishment of very large pieces of complex, high precision equipment quickly, restoring them to as new condition.”

Arrival of the gearbox at Tinsley Bridge for rectification