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Tinsley Bridge Group

Steel Processing and Quarrying

Vast experience in the overhaul and refurbishment of steel processing and quarrying equipment both in the UK and Europe.

Our specialist steel processing and quarrying services include strip down, inspection, reverse engineering, engineering design, project management, fabrication, machining, NDT, coating, assembly and site installation.
Our skilled workforce has a vast experience in the overhaul and refurbishment of steel processing and quarrying equipment both in the UK and Europe.

Limiting downtime

In addition to the services above we have the capability to carry out onsite inspections and calibration to help ensure equipment is running efficiently limiting the number of mechanical breakdowns and machine downtime.

We currently service the majority of all UK steel processing sites along with numerous quarrying facilities. Repairing and maintaining both electrical and mechanical equipment in rolling mills, casters, forges, coiling machines, mechanical handling equipment, crusher rolls, material and mineral processing equipment.

World class manufacturing facility

Our vast knowledge and experience of materials processing equipment is backed by our world class manufacturing facility making us a reliable and cost-effective supplier for all your subcontract engineering requirements.

Offering full turnkey supply, refurbishment or spares, Tinsley Bridge are well placed to continue to expand and service the materials processing industry moving forwards.

Servicing materials processing equipment for over 35 years

Our team of skilled fabricators, fitters, inspectors and project managers have been working on and servicing materials processing equipment for over 35 years, many within the former Davy Markham Heavy Engineering company based in Sheffield who have historically supplied and serviced the majority of the UK’s steel processing equipment for the last 100 years. Now integrated within Tinsley Bridge their skills and experience will not be lost to the industry.

Refurbishment – cost effective alternatives to replacement

Across a broad range of industries and sectors, old and tired high value assets and equipment are often very costly to replace. We offer cost effective refurbishment solutions as an alternative to replacement. Our customers benefit from having worn components brought back in line with original specification, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Refurbishment often starts with a strip and inspect operation to help identify critical areas of wear and outline the scope of work required to bring the component or assembly back to its original specification and condition.

The level and extent of refurbishment needed differs from project to project, depending on the condition of the components, the requirements of the customer, time and cost constraints.

peace of mind

Refurbishment of complex assemblies often involves replacement of worn components, seals, gaskets, bearings, keys, weld reclamation, changes to design, amendments to specification, surface treatments, machining, stress relieving as well as many other operations.

Full dimension reports of the components and assemblies are recorded and documented, before and after refurbishment, giving the client peace of mind that the refurbished equipment is back in line with specification, and fit for purpose. We supply a full document pack with every project, including dimensional reports, certificate of conformity, material certification, heat treatment documentation, weld procedures, ITP etc.

Weld Reclamation

During the refurbishment processes there is often a requirement for weld reclamation or weld overlay and hard facing.

The benefits

This enables material build up on a surface which can be a benefit for a number of reasons, for example, if a surface is worn below drawings specification, cracked or damaged, the surface can be pre machined, weld reclaimed and machined back to drawing tolerances, often at a fraction of the cost of replacing the component. Hard facing can also be applied to a material to give better wear properties that are required in a number of applications.

All our weld reclamation processes are carried out under controlled conditions in line with strict procedures, written and qualified in house.

Reverse Engineering

Across various industries and sectors, engineers often find themselves in a situation where they would like to manufacture a component or assembly in line with a previous design, but have minimal information, drawings, specifications or sizes with which to manufacture the part.

our reverse engineering services

We offer full reverse engineering services that enable us to strip, inspect, redraw and remanufacture a component or assembly without the need for existing drawings.

Our skilled inspection and design team can provide full inspection reports and design drawings following a strip and inspect operation.

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